Jollitys, Original, Australian, Labradoodles, Zucht, Welpen
Australian, Labradoodles, Schweiz, Europa, Zucht, Welpen, Nichthaarende Hunde, Cobberdogs, Familienhunde, Langhaarhunde, Therapiehunde

We breed in mini, medium and small standard size, all colour ranges and with wavy and curly fleece. The ancestors of our dogs reach back to the original breed of 'Tegan Park' and 'Rutland Manor'. In order to prevent close blood relationships, to obtain the large genetic varity, newer crossings are useful and important (no line- or inbreeding).

We imported our foundation dogs from the USA bred by Heather Hale, former president of ALAA and are member of the ALAA, WALA and Certodog.

We are grateful to following breeding programs for entrusting us a wonderful breeding dog out of there line:




Our goal is to breed an Australian Labradoodle which will enrich your live as a wonderful family dog.

Important for us to focus on the next generation of Australian Labradoodles. Advantage of the great genetic diversity is created by the combination of several races. The goal is to continue to maintain health as robust as possible.

We want well-socialized and healthy puppy, passed with uniform character in the hands of the dogs parents. Therefore came to us only breeding with original Australian Labradoodles. 

We are excited and proud of our first litters in Switzerland and the unity they have. Of course we also have achieved this success because we were able to start our breeding with great dogs.




The headstone for a successful life is laid during the first 3 to 4 month of the puppy

Of course all our puppies grow up in our house and garden as family dogs. They are always in contact with people and various animals. Thereby they learn to face different situations and challenges. Also they get a lot of different impressions and learn to deal with commom noises. Dependent on the season the yard offers various chances to play an learn. The surroundings offer many places to hide and interact with various kinds of floor to get used to every kind of texture and consistency. They meet cats and turtles in the garden just as cows and sheeps nearby at the meadow.

Collecting all those different impressions will prepare the puppy for all eventualities which they will experience in everyday live.



Guardian Home Family is a description for a family that gives a puppy, which is fit for breeding a loving forever home. This dog will join the Jollitys breed later on.

All our dogs live together with us in our house as family dogs. To make sure they all get the attention and time they deserve, the number of our pride member is limited. To create different bloodlines nonetheless, we are searching for families who want to participate in the breeding of this wonderful breed.