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Of the  Original Australian  is looked after by a few associations worldwide that are in contact with each other. The breed is not affiliated with the FCI / AKC. Is not a hybrid or a designer dog.

The Cocker Spaniel and the Irish Water Spaniel were used to  Broadening of the breeding base and structural improvement in the 2 starting breeds  Poodle and Labrador  crossed. The aim of the breeding project was to breed a "hypoallergenic" family and therapy dog that would combine the advantages of these breeds. The selection was primarily based on nature and health. To expand the gene pool, the focus of new crossbreeding is nowadays on the poodle or cocker, depending on the lines.

The requirement to sell breeding dogs only to accredited breeders of the international associations is intended to ensure that breeding takes place with care, according to the prescribed breeding requirements and according to the standard. This is to avoid that an interested party does not unknowingly get into a non-certified breeder or dog dealer who sells his puppies under the name Australian Labradoodle. There is now a large breeding base, the ALD database includes around 20,000 dogs worldwide.  From a breeding point of view, ALD does not have the problem of the small population size with the risk of inbreeding and its consequences of inbreeding depression, increased occurrence of hereditary diseases, etc. because the stud books are not closed and crossbreeding is permitted under justification and strict conditions

If you search for original Australian Labradoodles on the Internet, you will encounter a wide variety of crossbreeds. The naming is confusing and the various intersections are obscure for those interested.  



"Australian"  delimits the breed from the  simple crosses between Labrador x Poodle (Hybrid / Designerdog) and also of the not very long-bred crosses  away.

Of the  Original Australian  is bred according to a standard and combines up to 6 different breeds in its gene pool, depending on the line:

  • poodle

  • Labrador

  • Irish Water Spaniel

  • American Cocker Spaniel

  • English  Cocker spaniel

(In the Cobberdog - formerly Australian Labradoodle  in some lines also from 2007  crossed  soft coated wheathen terriers, which the international associations do not recognize)

Through a long-term, selective and careful breeding program, the desired improvement in coat structure, allergy-friendliness and the consolidation of character traits were achieved. From generation to generation, the typical Australian behavior, hereditary health and external appearance have improved and consolidated.




In the 1970s, the   "Royal Victorian Guide Dogs Association" (an Australian help dog organization) to breed a hypoallergenic guide dog.  Wally Conron, who took on the project,  wanted to use the labrador's eagerness to learn and the poodle's intelligence to do so. Because of the name he called the crossbreed Labradoodle.

These first generation hybrids were eager to learn, but not easy to train. They were not shown to be stable in terms of suitability as therapy dogs and allergy-friendliness.

Two Australian breeders (Rutland Manor and Tegan Park) decided to continue breeding with some offspring from Wally Conrons crosses. Their aim was to use a non-shedding, allergy-friendly therapy dog.

After several years of selective breeding and crossbreeding of other breeds, the emerged  original  Australian  (Labradoodle).  The perfect family dog developed that, when properly trained, also acts as a therapy dog.

Through the targeted further breeding with these offspring, the most important characteristics were firmly anchored:

  • good character

  • sound Health

  • allergy-friendly quality of the fur

To differentiate it from the Labradoodles they called it  Australian  Labradoodle.

Read more about Australian health here



Of the  original  ALD  is an all-rounder and all-rounder.

Intelligent, graceful, happy and spirited - all round one  wonderful companion  for the active family.

He is  a mischievous clown with expressive eyes and wonderful charm. He is easy to train because he is fixated on his holder and wants to please him. He is extremely intelligent and very compatible with other animals or other animals.  

Sporty and playful outside, calm at home (if busy enough) and sometimes very cuddly. They do not show gender-specific, character traits. Males and bitches are just as gentle and calm.

He is very people-oriented, he intuitively captures the current emotional situations and moods of his people. These empathic skills make him a wonderful family dog and for people with special needs. 

Familienhunde, Australian, Labradoodles Schweiz, Cobberdog, Jollitys, nichthaarender Hund, Welpen Australian Labradoodle, Zuchtrüden


Moderately broad with well-defined eyebrows.

The whole head proportionate in size to the rest of the dog


Should follow topline in repose or when in motion. May be carried gaily, but should not curl completely over the back. Tip should not touch the back nor curl upon itself.


should appear shorter than skull.


Should be set slightly above eye level and lay flat against head in proportion with the skull. Leather should be of medium thickness and should not hang below the lower lip line. Excessive hair in the ear canal is undesirable


should be moderate


Should be large, of square appearance and fleshy.


Large, expressive and slightly rounded, set well-apart


should be straight when viewed from the front. 



Round and of medium size, with well-arched toes and thick, elastic pads. Should not turn in or out. Out-toeing is a fault.


Shoulders blades and upper arms should be the same length. Shoulders should be laid well back, 


should be moderately turned to propel forward movement,


elbows should be set close to the body. 


square and compact, with a deep chest and well-sprung ribs. There should be a good tuck up, and the loins should be strong and muscular.


nearly flat, though slight sloping is acceptable. 


should be well-muscled for power in movement. Hock to heel should be strong, short and perpendicular to the ground. Should appear parallel to the rear. Must not be cow-hocked.


Scissor bite


Well-proportioned, of good strength and moderately long, lending an air of elegance. Slightly arched and flows into shoulders with no appearance of abruptness.


The detailed standard in English can be found here:  Breed standard ALAA

Of the  original  Australian  has a sporty, graceful appearance with a compact body and long hair.  He has a solid bone structure and a well-defined but moderate head.  The eyes are soft and lively with a kind expression.  The fur is soft and not hairy.

Of the
  original Australian  is extremely intelligent, sociable, happy, gentle and calm in handling.  He is very friendly with people and always wants to take part in actions. He  is intelligent and easy to train.  Original Australian  tend to be very intuitive and attuned to their families.   

Light, supple and graceful.
In the faster pace effortlessly, but with energy and purposeful - prancing.
  At the gallop  they float above the ground, light and airy, fluid and free with a total lack of signs of exertion.

SIZE / FUR / COLOR - ALAA color side

Australian GROESSEN
Australian GROESSEN

Miniatur: 35 - 42 cm / 7 - 13 kg Medium: 43 - 52 cm / 13 - 20 kg Standard: 53 - 63 cm / 23 - 30 kg

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Australian FELL
Australian FELL

Jollityswelpen haben immer ein fleece

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Australian FARBEN
Australian FARBEN

helle Farbpalette ALD

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Australian FARBEN
Australian FARBEN

dunkle Farbpalette ALD

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