Matisse  -  Upsidedown  Le Petit Prince

Jollitys, Original, Australian, Labradoodles, Zucht, Welpen

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Our  Guardian Homewrites about him:

Matisse is a heart on four white paws with silky soft fur.

He attracts looks and puts a smile on many faces.

A real heart opener that wraps people around their sweet paws very quickly.


His through and through soft and clear look is usually enough and you succumb to his charm. He is an extremely happy and uncomplicated male. He is very social and sociable towards everyone. He loves them all, including children and dogs. He is also very affectionate and sensitive.


A sensitive cuddly bear who loves to be close. He enjoys being caressed to the fullest and often shows this with a gentle sigh and his eyes slightly closed. For him it could take all day and there isn't too much.  


He is intelligent, learns very quickly and understands a lot. He loves long and adventurous walks across the forest and is especially in his element in the snow.

Matisse  Offspring - offspring


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