Jollitys, Original, Australian, Labradoodles, Zucht, Welpen
Australian, Labradoodles, Schweiz, Europa, Zucht, Welpen, Nichthaarende Hunde, Cobberdogs, Familienhunde, Langhaarhunde, Therapiehunde

  Unsere Girls - Our Dams



Origin of our breeding animals?

The ancestors of our breeding dogs are partly enough  the original breeds  Tegan Park  and Rutland Manor  return. But they were also valuable to us  newer crossings,  so that the great genetic diversity is preserved. However, these are only below  strict conditions allowed, which must be approved by the association . Random crossing without thought and system is not permitted!

Our  Lines come from  established and long-standing breeders from all over the world.


Where do our breeding animals live?

Two of our breeding dogs live with us in the family, we want to spend enough time for each of our favorites. More breeding dogs live at Guardian's home families, without them the breed would have been impossible  to set up in Switzerland because keeping kennels is not an option for us. Males live carefree in their families without constant stress with the various cycles of the intact women.  Bitches only have 2 litters each - so they will not experience long breeding activity. An advantage for the family and the bitches, they come from breeding young.

Why do we hold back many offspring breeding animals?

We have very high demands on health and character, only after a year it can be seen whether all factors allow a breeding career. Since we are the first original Australian Labradoodles breed in Switzerland with recognized lines, we had to  we build many different lines. Of course, we hope to be able to incorporate new lines into ours from other committed breeders in Switzerland in the future.

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